A Letter from the Author of CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition

Hello fellow CNA instructors,

My name is Carrie Jarosinski and I am the author of the August Learning Solutions family of CNA textbooks. I am excited to announce the recent publication of the newest title in our series, CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition. This truly is the book you have all been waiting for.

While speaking with instructors in California about the specific needs of the state and the shortfalls of the existing textbook options, it was clear there was a need for a concise and easy-to-follow option for California CNA programs. No textbook on the market addressed the mandated topics, order, or depth of coverage mandated by the state of California. It seemed each instructor had his or her own way of dealing with the issue: using supplemental material, bouncing around from page to page and chapter to chapter in existing books, or even trying to write content to cover missing topics. We saw the frustration and knew there was a better way for both instructors and students.

We embarked on the creation of a new, California-specific CNA textbook immediately. We knew that each and every student in California would benefit from concise, linear content that spoke directly to his or her needs. Thus, CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition, was launched.

We spent months honing content specifically for California, arranging the content into modules per the CDPH listing, writing California-specific content, and reviewing the book with current California CNA instructors to ensure we covered all the aspects of teaching in California.

This book is ultimately for YOU. I hope you find that this was the missing piece of your CNA course and that your students will truly benefit from it.

All the best,
Carrie Jarosinski

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