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How do I order books?2021-03-08T15:37:25-05:00

Students can order two ways:

Bulk orders can be placed through our [email protected] email address. Note the following:

  • Bulk orders for quantities of 10 or more earn a 20% discount off student pricing.
  • Pre-approved purchase orders can be sent to [email protected].
  • Or, call our office at 844-AUGUST-7 x227.
Do you accept purchase orders?2021-02-03T09:17:05-05:00

Yes. Purchase orders can be emailed to [email protected].

How long does it take to receive books?2021-02-03T09:19:23-05:00

Standard shipping for print books can take 3–7 business days depending on your location. Expedited options are available.

eBooks are received within 24 hours of purchase.

Do you have ebooks?2021-03-08T15:37:47-05:00

Yes. Browse our Products page to view all options for your selected title. You can also search our titles at www.Redshelf.com.

Do you have an instructor’s manual?2021-03-08T08:53:38-05:00

Our instructor resources vary from title to title and are only offered as digital supplements. All of our instructor resources are free of charge to all adopters. Presently, we only offer instructor materials for our nursing books.

How do I access the instructor resources?2021-03-08T08:54:00-05:00

To access our online resources, contact your August Learning Solutions representative, send an email to  [email protected], or submit a request using our contact form, like the one below on this page.

How do students access the online resources?2021-03-08T08:54:19-05:00

Our online student resources vary from title to title and are only offered as digital supplements via the August Learning app on Apple and Android devices. Search for August Learning on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Does the CNA California book follow the NATAP curriculum?2021-03-08T08:54:54-05:00

Yes. Our title CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition is written specifically to follow the 17 CDPH-mandated modules for the NATAP curriculum.

What guidelines do the skills videos illustrate?2021-02-03T09:39:40-05:00

Our 21 skills videos illustrate the 21 skills outlined by Pearson VUE for nursing assistant certification testing.

Do the instructor resources line up with the book’s content?2021-03-11T14:13:28-05:00

Yes. Instructor resources are individual to each book in our catalog. Each resource is split into corresponding chapters, or modules, and the content of each section of instructor resources follows the content from the printed book.

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