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Whether you have a complete manuscript, manual, or course pack, or just an initial concept, we can lend our expertise to help your project reach its full potential. From content development and production to delivery and marketing, we provide comprehensive services. As a custom publisher, we’ll collaborate with you to ensure we provide the right level of service to match your specific needs. Based on those needs a dedicated project team will be assigned to you, led by a project manager who will ensure every aspect of your project plan is carried out in a timely manner. We are customer service driven and take pride in building long-term connections with our authors.

We recognize the progressive and ever-changing nature of the education industry and are quick to adapt to the latest technology and needs of our customers. Whether you are interested in publishing a traditional print book or are leaning toward digital products such as eBooks or animations, we’ve got you covered. We use a consultative approach to get to know you and your vision, allowing us to tailor-make a project plan that best fits your goals. Once we have a finished product, we offer accessible and flexible modes of delivery with bundling options to suit any preference and budget. We’ll also work with you to create and employ a marketing strategy to make sure your product reaches your target audience.

What we offer our authors:

  • A customer- and service-driven company where authors come first: We are focused on building a personal connection and commitment that exceeds expectations. We are agile and swift to respond. We take pride in tailoring our approach to deliver your product to its unique specifications.
  • World-class content development and production services that align with your project’s needs: Experts in their field, our team members bring a wide array of competencies from basic copyediting to complex illustration and design expertise for both print and digital products. August Learning Solutions offers a wide variety of print, digital, and digital bundling options to suit any preference and budget.
  • Optimum value with flexible pricing options: We meet the needs of every project while offering the absolute best pricing possible.

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