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Created specifically for California CNA programs to align with the 17 CDPH-mandated modules.

No crosswalk needed!

Reviewed and approved by CNA instructors in the state of California.

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CNA: California Edition Cover
CNA: California Edition Workbook Cover
  • Reviewed and endorsed by California CNA instructors.
  • Formatted for CDPH’s 17 prescribed modules for Nurse Assistant Certification Training Program.
  • Corresponds with 160-hour training program requirements (60 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of clinical training).
  • Module skills are divided into when, why, and what statements, followed by “starting up” and “finishing up” steps to prepare your students for their role as nursing assistants.
  • Workbook corresponds with each module and supports learning with a range of exercises. Sold separately.
  • Additional Instructor Resources include:
    • Workbook Answers
    • Test Banks
    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Classroom Resources
    • Skills Videos

Both the textbook and workbook are available in print and ebook versions.

CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition

Print Textbook: $66.25

eBook Textbook: $45.99

Discounts available for bulk orders!

CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition Workbook

Print Workbook: $22.50

eBook Workbook: $15.99

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Find out what California Instructors are saying about this book…

If you are teaching a NATP (Nurse Assistant Training Program) using the NATAP Model Curriculum ( and any textbook other than August Learning Solutions’ CNA Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition textbook you don’t know what you are missing. I was introduced to August Learning Solutions’ CNA Nursing Assistant Certification California Edition textbook. The size (thickness) of it does not intimidate students. The reading is understandable and relatable for students. For instructors, it means no more crosswalk and course outlines/syllabi are easy to create. And no more having to explain and/or change information because the textbook says one thing and California says another. I highly recommend the August Learning Solutions textbook as it is spot on, it makes your job as an instructor that much easier and user friendly for students.”

Charlotte F. Hopkins, LVN, DSD, BSHA, MBA, Owner of Creative Medical Education and Training Solutions

“The California Edition of the CNA textbook and its workbook, published by August Learning Solutions, was an answer for all the hassle to find the subject for the nursing assistant curriculum modules set by CDPH. The organization of content in the textbook is aligned with the California nursing assistant curriculum modules. It is easy for both instructors and students to follow according to the titles of the modules and skills content. The textbook is priced very affordably to the students and supports excellent instructional materials, including videos and test banks. I appreciate the superb customer service.”

Chun Hee McMahon, BSN, RN, CHPN, Clovis Adult Education

“The August Learning Solutions CNA: California Edition textbook and workbook has made my job as the RN Program Director so much easier. I appreciate how the book is organized according to the modules and I can reference material much easier. This book benefits the students both academically and financially. I appreciate that it includes a downloadable app where students can view the skills from their smartphones.” 

Amy E. Cowart, MSN-ED, RN, PHN, DSD, Riverside City College, School of Nursing

“One of the most difficult tasks in teaching the nursing assistant program is being able to help students navigate supportive resources. California is very specific in the content we teach yet, to date, all CNA textbooks challenged the student to find the right chapter, page number and skill check off associated with lecture material and the mandated modules. Now, with the creation and publication of CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition, finding supportive reading has been made easy, efficient and accurate. I am very excited about this new textbook and certain my students will benefit greatly from its organization to California specifics.”

Julie B. Blaney, R.N., MSN-Ed, Los Rios Community College District

“This book was long overdue and I’m glad you all took the first steps to ease the process for instructors teaching CNA programs in California. I found the book to be really outstanding.”  

Derek Copple, RN, Palo Verde Community College

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    Meet the Author

    Carrie Jarosinski

    Dr. Carrie L. Jarosinski RN, CNE, CWP

    Author of:

    • CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification
    • CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, Accelerated Edition
    • CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, California Edition
    • Workbook to accompany CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification, Accelerated Edition
    • Workbook to accompany CNA: Nursing Assistant Certification

    Carrie L. Jarosinski is a registered nurse, certified nurse educator, thought leader, and author. She began her career as a nursing assistant and then as a registered nurse in long-term care. She then moved on to work in public health, focusing on children with special healthcare needs, childhood lead poisoning prevention, and prenatal health. In 2006, Carrie started her teaching career as adjunct faculty in the Nursing and Nursing Assistant Programs at Mid-State Technical College (MSTC). In 2007, she became the Lead Nursing Assistant Instructor and Program Director at MSTC and is now the lead faculty in the Health and Wellness Promotion Program. In 2015, Carrie authored Essentials of Certified Nursing Assisting textbook and workbook. She also completed a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Systems Leadership with a focus on rural food desert conditions from Walden University.

    This nursing assistant textbook holistically addresses clients as opposed to teaching narrow caregiving practices that focus on a specific disease process. I collaborated with others around the nation to ensure that the content of this textbook is not only up to date but offered the most innovative and compassionate caregiving techniques so that we can empower a new generation of nursing assistants to provide exceptional care.

    I really wanted to publish a text that was current in not only regulatory practices but in terms of innovative caregiving practices as well. I felt as though students going through a nursing assistant course should be prepared with the best and most current information to address emerging health care trends. Most nursing assistant texts on the market today do not address the ever growing complex demands placed on direct caregivers.

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