How to Use the QR Codes Inside Our Books!

In today’s world, our phones are always near, in our pockets, purses, and mostly in our hands. What better way to empower your students to take their learning into their own hands and personalize their study experience than to utilize a tool already in their grasp? Enter, the QR code.

By now, you see QR codes everywhere. At your local restaurant to access their menu, on posters at a bus stop to visit a website, or on a post card to receive a special offer. But what about in the pages of your textbook? Well now you’ve seen it! In our newest titles, Home Health Aide: The Complete Guide and August’s Nurse Assisting: The Complete Guide, we have placed QR codes throughout the text to offer you and your students more opportunities for learning.

To access the content, simply hold your phone over the QR code, a popup will appear once the camera recognizes the code. Click on that popup and a browser will open allowing you to access the content right on your phone.

What can you find when you scan the QR codes? Animations, quizzes, additional readings, and so much more! Want your students to visualize good body mechanics in action? There’s an animation for that. Or what about reviewing those 21 most-tested CNA skills? There are videos for those too. Want your HHA students to review real-world scenarios and answer questions about them? Have them scan the Case Studies QR code at the end of each chapter for content-specific scenarios complete with questions on how to react to them. Want your nursing assistant students to get more practice on content before those weekly quizzes? Have them scan the Test Yourself QR codes to access quick self-assessment quizzes to help with content mastery.

Our goal is to make learning easy and accessible for students at all levels. Having access to additional content is one way we are striving to do just that.

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