How to Utilize August Learning Solutions’ Classroom Resources in Your Nurse Assistant Course

Nursing assistant courses are designed to prepare students for their new career. To ensure you have all the tools necessary to prepare your students, August Learning Solutions has created free classroom resources for use in your course. Classroom resources are set up per chapter and include items like a chapter synopsis, review of chapter key terms, reflection exercises, comprehension exercises, prioritization exercises, multiple choice questions, and classroom activities. These exercises were built for the kinesthetic learner. That means they were built with student engagement in mind. Let’s dive in and explore some of the ways you can use our classroom resources to enhance student learning and engagement.

Get Up and Think! Exercises

Get Up and Think! exercises encourage students to think critically about a given scenario and think creatively about questions and their solutions. Divide your class into teams and give each one a different Get Up and Think! exercise from the chapter you’ve just taught. Encourage them to role-play, discuss, and work as a team to answer questions about that scenario. This gets students used to working in teams as well as working together to solve problems.

Reflect on This! Exercises

Reflection is key to learning; looking back at what you have learned and how it applies to problems is a critical skill for nurse assistants. Give your students a Reflect on This! Scenario, then ask them to role-play how they would deal with that scenario with others in the class. This might include practicing skills, like ambulation or using a gait belt, or might test their communication skills, having them practice on their classmates.

Prioritization Action Items

Prioritization activities focus on skills that your students have learned and provide them with all the steps, but in the incorrect order. Students then need to think critically about that skill and ensure they are giving appropriate care. Give your students one prioritization list from the action items. Have them role-play performing the skill, on either a mannequin or a classmate, putting the steps together in the correct order to accomplish their task.

Putting It All Together Exercises

These exercises focus on knowledge retention. They are great to repurpose into end-of-chapter quizzes or class discussion topics. For quizzes, simply ask the class the questions and have them write their answers. For discussion, ask the class the questions and let students respond individually or in teams. Discuss how and why they came to these answers and if any are incorrect, allow other class members to explain why.

Classroom Activities

This section of the classroom resources gives you ideas about additional things to do in class, like role-playing activities, additional videos, discussion topics, presentation ideas, and more. They are meant to be used in class (or online) to facilitate meeting hourly requirements and challenging students with the content they have just learned. You decide what activities you would like to implement in your course and how.

With all the ways to use August Learning Solutions’ classroom resources in your course, why not give them a try? Engaged students have higher rates of success on their certification exam as well as in their careers. We are committed to the success of nurse assistant instructors and students as they strive for caregiver excellence. If you’d like to learn more about our content and how it can work for you, reach out to our team! Fill out a contact form here or give us a call. We can’t wait to work with you!