Take a Walk through
August’s Nurse Assisting: The Complete Guide

Want to know what’s inside the pages of August’s Nurse Assisting: The Complete Guide and how our content benefits you and your students? Then you’re in the right place; keep reading for a tour of our newest nurse assistant textbook.

The Skills Contents, found on page xvii, gives quick page references for each critical skill a student will need to learn to become a nurse assistant.

Learning Objectives provide an overview of key concepts, serve as a study guide, and are essential tools for passing the state certification exam.

Skills icons point you to the page where the written skill appears in the book for easy navigation and access to these important skills.

Key Terms are highlighted in the text and defined in the margin and in the glossary to offer concise and accessible introductions to important topics from each chapter.

Margins include key terms, skill references, QR codes, and ample space for note taking to promote comprehension and retention of learning objectives.

QR Codes offer additional information on concepts discussed in the text. Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera to access the material.

Imagery/graphics are incorporated throughout the text to illustrate the skills and concepts that are being taught.

Expanded Skills icons are included in chapters where additional skills may be accessed that are not covered in the Skills Appendix. Scan the QR code to access and review these skills.

Test Yourself icons are placed at the end of each chapter. Scan the QR code to quiz yourself on concepts discussed in the chapter.

The Skills Appendix contains all of the written skills referenced in the book in one easy-to-navigate section. These skills are critical for learning how to become a nurse assistant as well as preparing for the state certification exam.

Don’t forget we also offer a corresponding workbook to enhance retention and prepare your students for the certification exam. Find out more about the workbook by clicking here.

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