3 Ways You Can Teach Your CNA Program Online with the August Learning Solutions Textbook

During the pandemic, over 82% of CNA schools where not equipped to teach online. This left many instructors in a rush to figure it out. To date, over one-half of CNA schools are still not equipped to run their program online or in a hybrid format. August Learning Solutions recognizes this gap and has created products and services with the future of learning in mind. Here are 3 ways to take your CNA program online with our textbook.

  1. Our CNA textbook is online in eBook format.

And we are not just talking about a basic downloadable PDF document. Our CNA book is hosted on RedShelf, an eBook platform specifically created for textbooks. This platform allows students to not only view their book from any browser, computer, or mobile device. it also has the following amazingly engaging features:

  • Search the text for terms
  • Highlight content (multiple color options)
  • Create flashcards
  • Prioritize flashcards based on knowledge
  • Bookmark pages
  • Create a study guide
  • Make notes in the book
  • Share notes with classmates
  • Have the text narrated to them

The platform even allows students to save content that can be viewed offline in the event they do not have online access. How cool is that! Using the RedShelf platform to host our book makes online learning easy and accessible. Learn more about how RedShelf works HERE.

  1. Our CNA Textbook offer a student portal and app.

Did you know that skills are the most commonly failed portion of the two-part CNA state exam? We believe for every problem there is a solution. That is why our student app was created!

Students can bring the textbook to life by downloading the August Learning app on Apple or Android. By simply scanning the barcode on the back of the book, students have access to the mobile-based app. This allows students to view skills videos from anywhere so they can prepare to ace the state exam. In a mobile world, students need options! We are the only CNA book on the market to provide this innovative solution.

  1. Our CNA Textbook offers an instructor’s portal.

As an instructor, you recognize the importance of offering students multiple learning modalities. Every student learns differently and sometimes the textbook alone does not do the job. That is why we developed the instructor’s portal.

The instructor’s portal is equipped with fun, engaging activity ideas for you to do with your students. These include case studies and role-play activities that help your students get physically and mentally involved. Each chapter has a corresponding engagement activity that gives instructors creative learning options. Studies have shown the more engaging online learning is, the more likely students are to retain and apply the information.

The portal also gives instructors easy access to PowerPoint presentations and skills videos so they can screen share them with the students during lecture time if they choose.

Watch our video HERE to see for yourself how our instructor’s portal works.

Ready to adopt our book for your CNA Training program? Contact us HERE for more info. We are glad to help you take the lead on online learning today.

This blog was written by Victoria Randle MSN, NP-C, a CNA instructor and healthcare school start up consultant, owner of The Secret Cocktail®