The Impact of Self-Assessment Quizzes for Students

Self-assessment quizzes have become an increasingly popular tool for students to evaluate their own learning and progress. These types of quizzes allow students to gauge their knowledge of a particular topic, identify areas that require improvement, and gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re using one of our textbooks in your course, you can find many ways for students to self-assess. Let’s learn more about the benefits of self-assessment and how August Learning Solutions has incorporated it for your students!

First, let’s discuss the benefits of self-assessment to students:

  1. Encourages active learning: Self-assessment quizzes provide students with the opportunity to engage in active learning. As they attempt to answer quiz questions, students are prompted to recall previous knowledge and assess their understanding. This not only helps to reinforce their learning but also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  2. Builds confidence: Self-assessment quizzes can be an effective tool for boosting student confidence. Seeing evidence of their progress and improvement can give students a sense of accomplishment and motivation. A positive feedback loop can help students feel good about their progress and encourage them to continue working toward their goals.
  3. Identifies areas for improvement: One of the primary benefits of self-assessment quizzes is their ability to identify areas of weakness for students. By taking a quiz and reviewing their answers, students can identify topics or concepts that require more attention or further study. This type of self-reflection and feedback can be an excellent opportunity for students to set goals for themselves and develop personalized learning plans.
  4. Enhances learning retention: Self-assessment quizzes can also help students to hold information in their memory for longer periods of time. Frequent self-assessment can, therefore, improve student learning retention and help prevent students from forgetting material learned earlier in the course.
  5. Encourages responsibility: Self-assessment quizzes are a tool that encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning journey. Students are prompted to think about their learning goals, the progress they are making, and the effort required to achieve those goals. This level of responsibility can be an important skill in not only academic settings, but also for lifelong learning.

Now let’s see how August Learning Solutions content takes student self-assessment into consideration:

  1. Self-assessment quizzes via QR codes: If you are utilizing August’s Nurse Assisting: The Complete Guide in your course, your students can find QR codes at the end of every chapter. They can scan the QR code and access a self-assessment quiz based on the topics covered in that chapter. Once they take the quiz, their results are available immediately. This helps them identify areas for improvement or know if they have retained the information they have just learned.
  2. Self-assessment using test banks from the instructor portal: One way to utilize the test banks on our instructor portal is to allow your students to take the quizzes as self-assessment tools. Instead of recording a grade for the quiz, allow your students to see their score and what they got right and wrong and use it as a tool to identify where they might need to spend some additional time learning the content.
  3. Flashcards within our ebook platform: If you are utilizing one of our ebooks, your students can truly take their learning into their own hands. The RedShelf platform allows students to create flashcards right within their ebook. Students can then use those flashcards to study for exams or to self-assess their knowledge of the content. Since every student has a personal copy of the ebook, they can study what they want, how they want. Check out this video we created on our ebook to learn more about this option:

Now that you know all the benefits of student self-assessment and how August Learning Solutions content can offer your students these opportunities, why not try one of our products in your course? Check out all our healthcare products here and reach out to our team to learn more!