What Can Your Students Find When They Scan the QR Codes in Our Textbooks?

Wondering what your students will find when they scan the QR codes within our textbooks? We encourage you to explore them yourself, but if you haven’t, here’s a breakdown of information your students will find when they scan those codes.

First, additional information. Students learn best when they have context for the concepts they are learning. That might mean additional information or resources from trusted sources. It might also be videos or in-depth information to expand on concepts within the textbook. Any QR code labeled “Scan for More” within our books will take students to resources like these.

Second, skills videos. Your students have access to our skills videos by scanning the accompanying QR code within the textbook. Any skill with an accompanying video will be called out in the text and the skills appendix. Your students can refer to these videos throughout their training.

Third, self-assessment quizzes. Each chapter ends in a self-assessment quiz that your students can take right on their own device. By scanning a “Test Yourself” QR code, students can take a short multiple-choice quiz at the end of each chapter and get their results immediately. This allows them to identify areas of mastery or areas they may need to go back to and brush up on before coming to class.

It’s important for you to know that as an instructor, you also have access to all of this content via the QR codes in the book and through the instructor portal.

Reach out today to schedule a demo with our team where we’ll walk you through our books and instructor portals. Find out how our content can work for you by scheduling time with our team!