What is a Textbook Crosswalk and How Does it Help?

If you are a CNA instructor, you may have been subjected to the task of trying to figure out which page in your textbook discusses the topic you are to teach for the day. In searching you may find that the topic is on multiple pages or in multiple chapters. You may find yourself flipping from the book’s index back to the table of contents trying to put it all together. For this reason, August Learning Solutions created a CNA textbook crosswalk.

What is a crosswalk?

A crosswalk is a concise document that provides page numbers to specific content you are teaching to help ease the locating process. You are able to look at the entire curriculum requirements from a bird’s-eye view and see exactly what page that information can be found on in our book. A crosswalk is typically no more than 2 to 4 pages long.

How do you use a crosswalk?

You will use a crosswalk to help you align your curriculum with our August Learning Solutions CNA textbook. For instance, if you are getting ready to teach handwashing, the crosswalk will show you the exact page numbers where the topic of handwashing can be found. The crosswalk also provides the curriculum information and page numbers in a chronological order that correlates specifically with your state. You can place the topic page numbers on your curriculum to help ease the flow of teaching. If you would like to see a visual of the process, no worries! You can visit our YouTube channel to view our instructional video here.

How do you gain access to the crosswalk?

If you have adopted our August Learning Solutions CNA textbook, then you will have the authority to gain access to all our instructor resources. Items such as our state-specific crosswalk, skills videos, case studies, test questions, and more live in our instructor portal. If you do not currently use our CNA textbook, contact us HERE for more information and to gain access and ease the teaching process or contact Marissa Del Fierro using the contact info below.

844.284.8787 x242 (toll free)

[email protected]

This blog was written by Victoria Randle MSN, NP-C, a CNA instructor and healthcare school startup consultant, owner of The Secret Cocktail®