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Communication, Organization, Adaptation: Mindfulness in Organizing

By: Tim Thompson

© 2015 August Learning Solutions

Print ISBN: 978-1-94162-619-1

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People and organizations adapt to a changing marketplace through communication, learning, and planning together. Incorporating mindfulness into organizational communication can enhance awareness, social interaction, and change management.

Communication, Organization, Adaptation: Mindfulness in Organizing is best read in conjunction with the Marketplace Simulation, a semester-long exercise for students studying organizations’ decision-making processes. Organizational mindfulness—including presence in problem-solving and better team flow—is emphasized throughout, while considering communication in strategic planning, integrated marketing, conflict management, consulting, training, technology, and more.

Chapter 1: Organizational Communication as Evolving Systems

Chapter 2: The History of Organizational Communication

Chapter 3: Strategic Planning and Communication

Chapter 4: Leadership and Communication

Chapter 5: Organizational Culture

Chapter 6: Understanding Communication in Groups

Chapter 7: Technology in Organizational Communication

Chapter 8: Managing Conflict in Organizations

Chapter 9: Communication Consulting and Training

Chapter 10: Public Relations

Chapter 11: Integrated Marketing Communication

Chapter 12: Career Pathways in Organizational Communication



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