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Making Your Mind: Communication & Social Influence

By: Tim Thompson

© 2015 August Learning Solutions

Print ISBN: 978-1-941626-04-7 / eBook ISBN: 978-1-941626-40-5

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What is Mind?

No Matter.

What is Matter?

Never Mind.

We can question that wisdom—is mind not matter and matter never mind? Is there some kind of thought going on, other than in brains, in the nature around us? Is mind made of physical stuff?

We might not answer that here, but we will certainly have a go at it. It’s not just matters of mind but also the relations between minds, how it all interacts, that is of interest. Your mind is made by interactions with many others. Your thoughts are encoded with words, images, and information you took in from various people and groups. Mind evolves in relation to many groups, like family and friends.

My friend said “don’t think here” (pointing to his head), “think here” (pointing to his heart). Now what in the world could that mean—think with your heart? Can you think with your heart? Where’s mind, then?

How is mind influenced in social systems and the dancing ideas between us? And how does a mind become mindful? Making Your Mind discusses how communication and social influence affect your ability to make mindful decisions.

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