Prevent Cheating when Testing Online


How to Prevent Cheating when Testing CNAs Online If you are thinking about teaching online or have considered transitioning your nurse aide training program to a hybrid format, you may have a few valid concerns. Will my students look online for answers while taking assessments? Will my students have someone else take the test for them? Will my students have cheat sheets or answers near them during the online test? These are all concerns many instructors have. How do you conduct online assessments to prevent these issues?  I want to give you a few options on how [...]

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Take Your CNA Program Online


3 Ways You Can Teach Your CNA Program Online with the August Learning Solutions Textbook During the pandemic, over 82% of CNA schools where not equipped to teach online. This left many instructors in a rush to figure it out. To date, over one-half of CNA schools are still not equipped to run their program online or in a hybrid format. August Learning Solutions recognizes this gap and has created products and services with the future of learning in mind. Here are 3 ways to take your CNA program online with our textbook. Our CNA textbook is [...]

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Home Healthcare on the Rise


Home Healthcare on the Rise Home healthcare is becoming a more common choice for the aging population. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predict an employment growth of 54% in the industry. Many factors play into this rapid growth, including the COVID pandemic and the aging baby boomer population. The U.S. Census Bureau is currently projecting that the number of people over 65 will be 21% of the population by 2050, currently the 65+ age group is around 14% of our population. People in this 65+ age range are more likely to need care and more [...]

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Simply Existing in Long-Term Care: A video


Carrie L. Jarosinski is a registered nurse, certified nurse educator, thought leader, and author of our CNA family of titles. She began her career as a nursing assistant and then as a registered nurse in long-term care. She then moved on to work in public health, focusing on children with special healthcare needs, childhood lead poisoning prevention, and prenatal health. In 2006, Carrie started her teaching career as adjunct faculty in the Nursing and Nursing Assistant Programs at Mid-State Technical College (MSTC). In 2007, she became the Lead Nursing Assistant Instructor and Program Director at MSTC [...]

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A Day in the Life of a CNA


"In care facilities, nursing assistants provide daily physical care for the aged and disabled, including help with bathing, using the restroom, grooming, eating, mobility, and providing the caring and social support they need for a healthy existence. It is exhausting work under the best conditions. During a pandemic it is soul shaking. Nursing assistants have historically been subjected to poor wages and benefits, inadequate staffing ratios, and the stresses of caregiving; forcing nursing assistants out of the profession to work other jobs resulting in a high turnover rate and the vicious cycle of understaffing." Dr. Carrie L. Jarosinski RN, [...]

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Simply Existing in Long-Term Care


The tsunami of baby boomers is a long-told story, yet we continue to resist discussion about its impact on a humanistic level for fear of revealing our own vulnerabilities. We covet youth, health and vibrancy and shield our eyes from the truth that those are all fleeting. America has not been great at caring for our aged or disabled; we lack financial and human resources, opportunity, and perhaps even the desire to do so. With dual parent working families, single parents busily working and raising children, and the financial erosion of caretaking capacity, Americans leverage community resources to meet care [...]

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How to Start a CNA School


If you are looking to start a CNA school, there are quite a few things to consider along this venture. Many people want to know the profitability of a CNA school. How much the tuition should be? Or where they should place their school? In my 5 years of starting CNA schools all over the nation, I have mastered the top 5 items every CNA school owner should consider during the startup process and they go much deeper than the items listed above. Who can teach the CNA program? Many are unaware that CNA programs are federally regulated. This [...]

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CNA Certification Requirements


CNA Certification Requirements Wondering what the requirements are to become a CNA? Wondering if CNA might be the right course for you? Wondering what you might learn by becoming a CNA? Check out this quick infographic for more information!

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CNA: An Overview


What is a CNA? The title varies by state, but CNA commonly stands for Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nurse Aide. Some states use STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) instead of CNA, but they are the same job. CNAs work under the direct supervision of LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) or RNs (Registered Nurses) and assist patients or residents with daily living and healthcare activities. What responsibilities does a CNA have? CNAs work with patients or residents, usually in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, helping with daily tasks such as grooming and personal hygiene, bedmaking, measuring vital signs, [...]

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